August 1, 2015

1 Second Every Day: July 2015

Staycation summer continues with gaming (of the old-fashioned & video variety), duct-tape-crafting, gun range, fireworks, beaching, Pixar, cooking before class, exercise, CLEANING OUT!!! and attempting to de-clutter (round 1 ... I'm waiting for round 2 to hit me over the head), Sawdust Art Festival, book club, trolleying, reading (lots of reading this summer), da Vinci art class, yard work, swimming with cousins, buying new shoes because growing like crazy, getting pretty far in KeyQuest - but not far enough to solve, scoping session site at dawn.

video compilation/editing credit to College Kid.

1 comment:

Tracy P. said...

Looks pretty low key! I'm still pondering de-cluttering. :-) Actually I guess i did take a few bags to Goodwill after your book report. Miles to go. Looking forward to the sunrise pics.