May 6, 2015

One Second Everyday: the April 2015 edition

gym, banana bread chef, frisbee golf course in the ‘Bu, filming baby butterflies, joshua tree, Horse (at the hoops), skipping, spinning, sprinkling, movie-title-handball, gaming, drawing, dinner, walking doggies, book club (Oliver Twist), another baby butterfly, Joshua Tree, baby goslings, more gaming (I could probably make a whole 1SE of just gaming, but how boring would that be?!?), daily greeting, new book for club (Anna Karenina – so good!), practicing Puck’s lines, performing Midsummer Night’s Dream for the residents at Sea Bluffs retirement home, pretty poppies in the wind, windy shadows in Big Dude’s “office” in the garage, soaking in some vitamin D, In n Out lunch, COFFEE. snippets of life.

College Kid took over the video-making duties this month and added the neato opening and closing shots of driving thru Joshua Tree, and I’m sure this fancy bookending pleased his video-making-editing sensibilities and aesthetics.  And it turned out cool.  But, you know which “outtakes” he left out?  The entire sequence of my butterfly hatching and the cute little waddling goslings.  I guess those just aren’t manly things?

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