March 4, 2015

Staycation: Breakfast Out + Pier

I’m glad we live in such a great place; it makes staycationing so not a drag.  Why are we staycationing, you may ask?  Health care insurance.  Doubled since 2010.  I just ran numbers.  It eats 25% of our after-tax income.  And decimates our vacation fund.  Thus, staycation.  In a totally not bad place.  Last day of spring break, we drove down to our favorite breakfast hole-in-wall cafe with yummy Kona coffee & equally delicious food, and followed up with a walk on the pier.  The water was the most amazingly, show-stopping shade of aqua.  Great morning.
Big Dude was experimenting with a new GoPro filming/editing technique (something to do with overlapping sequences and fading in and fading out).  Here’s his creation…

all pics: Samsung Galaxy 3

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Life with Kaishon said...

The aqua is incredible.
I am mad about the healthcare.
Super mad.
So mad, I might go play the slots.
Did I tell you that Gary was a drag on our vacation last year? OK, so, he loves Wildwood at the Jersey Shore. He has always gone there his whole life. And Wildwood is fine and we go almost every summer, but last year I heard that Atlantic City was in need of visitors. I read that they were begging for vacationers and the deals were great. So, I found this great deal. I mean, $100 less per night, great. So, I talked to my family and my Mom was like, "I hate the beach but I like family vacation. Gambling is bad though." So, I told her we wouldn't have to gamble. We could just stay in our nice hotel and then walk to the beach in the morning. My Dad said yes. My sister said yes. My brother said "OH MY GOSH I HATE VACATIONING WITH THE FAMILY! WHY DO I HAVE TO COME?" So, we went to Atlantic City. Everyone had an awesome time. No one gambled even once. Even grumpy Johnny turned happy. Guess who stayed blue the whole time? Gary Jr.

I wrote that long paragraph to tell you that I want to go on a staycation too and I don't want Gary to come. Can I go on one alone? The kids definitely won't want to come with me. Bria has been a bear lately. HOLY COW. And Kaishy too.

Please send me toddlers or babies at once. I need someone in the house to like me.