October 24, 2014

Waves Weekend

It’s my alma mater.  But it’s now distinctly The Teen’s territory.  And we descended upon for it for Waves Weekend (homecoming).  Clouds greeted us, which always makes my shutter-loving heart happy.
wavesweekend-1 wavesweekend-2 wavesweekend-3
Too bad the cafeteria doesn’t have a very pretty view …
wavesweekend-4 wavesweekend-5
The first day included a parade/regatta.  The Teen’s dorm represented as a Penguin (wings are surfboards. of course).
He’s happy there.  Which makes us happy.
The end of the regatta included a friendly stuff-a-Mini competition.  A girl’s dorm easily won this (count:17; campus record is 19. oy).wavesweekend-8 wavesweekend-9 wavesweekend-10 wavesweekend-11
The regatta was followed by a free Carnival with In n Out Burger trucks.  The line for food was interminably LONG (because, duh, FREE. plus college students.)  A mistake we’ll not make again next year.
And the kid who has mocked this practice for years, now resembles this practice.  :-/
wavesweekend-13 wavesweekend-14
Day two included a tour of Adamson House and AMAZING FANTASTIC INCREDIBLE AWESOME concerts by Plain White T’s and Andy Grammer.  Outside, on a hill overlooking the ocean, at sunset time with comfy couches for alumni (woot!).  And there were LA food trucks (not free, thus much shorter lines – ha!) with delicious dinners.  We had to-die-for butter curry chicken.  Mmmmm, good.  Can’t wait til next year.  Totally going to the concert again.
wavesweekend-15 wavesweekend-16


Tracy P. said...

Your boy is bearded, Susan. And so contented looking. That had to do your heart good. Sounds like a blast!

Diane Wheeler said...

Love that Pepperdine Basketball t-shirt. The Waves are MY first choice for my bball boy. We shall see what the future holds.

All those people in a mini makes me shudder with claustrophobia. Yikes.

Love to all,