October 13, 2014

Miramar Air Show 2014

This wasn’t our first trip to the proverbial “rodeo”; this was our sequel trip, grin.  (pictures from our 2012 visit can be seen here)  We learned a couple things from our first trip:  bring ear plugs and even-stronger-equipment for Little Dude, be prepared to walk FAR, expect to be amazed, and know where optimally to stand for the Blue Angels’ sneak attack …

Speaking of the sneak attack…. I described our experience with it in 2012, but here’s what else you need to know:  the Blue Angels are shockingly FAST.  And really REALLY LOUD.  They’re SO FAST that you’re not shocked by LOUD NOISE til *after* they pass you.  Thus, the sneak attack is amazingly awesome, as these pilots overwhelm your senses as they fly right over your head and you don’t hear them until you see them.   Even knowing it’s coming, it’s astounding.  This is but a tiny taste (real time. note: you see it before you hear it!).

We stopped at our favorite breakfast joint on our way to San Diego.  Knowing about the insane amount of walking and anticipating big heat (and it did end up being close to triple digit hot – oy!) I decided to lighten my load and left my big girl camera at home.  All grid pics below are from my phone and single pics are from Big Dude’s GoPro.

miramar1gopro miramar-1 miramar2gopro miramar-2gopro miramar-3miramar3
Evidence of the heat … every single bit of shade created by any plane, tank, copter … was occupied.gopro miramar-4 gopro miramar-5 gopro miramar-6miramar4gopro miramar-8 gopro miramar-9


Shari said...

Awesome photos, as usual!! We are going to the air show to see the Blue Angels this weekend. We go every year. Love it. I LOVE the GoPro pics. I'll be taking mine along. What setting has he found to be the most useful for stills with the pole?

Skeller said...

Shari, I think he just sets it on some sort of "interval" - ie every second or half-second it takes a pic?

Anita Johnson said...

I just love these GoPro shots...AND I don't need another camera! Ha!