July 15, 2014

#1 in a Class of 1.

Almost 18 years ago, this very little dude showed up 3 weeks before his due date.  And to this day, I remember thinking how remarkable it was that we got to hold him, as a tiny little baby, in our arms for three weeks longer than we might otherwise have been able.  Like we got  3 bonus weeks.

I kind of feel the same way about our homeschooling years.  Like we got 10+ bonus years of daytime hours with him.  Not to say that some days we didn't want to kick his behind to the nearest school around the corner (6th & 9th grade, I'm looking at you...); but, truly, one of the neatest benefits homeschooling has given us (beyond a really great education!) has been flexibility and a whole lot of time all together as a family.

We graduated The Teen.  Life is going to be forever different.

IMG_2211 IMG_2221

From his 3-week-early arrival to his near departure [for college] ...


Tracy P. said...

"6th & 9th grade, I'm looking at you…" This just made my day! LOVE this walk through time. So many things change--the ones we're noticing and the ones we're not noticing alike. My verification is "2005"--what happened that year? :-)

Heather Rodriguez said...

and now I will spend the rest of the day recovering. my heart is a puddle <3

Julie Rivera Photography said...

Heather said it. My eyes are little puddles, too. I love the way you build your family, Susan.

Adrienne Zwart said...

This was fantastic, Susan! And I love the song you chose--very fitting for him (at least from his essays that I have read). You must be so very proud!!

Anita Johnson said...

High School graduation was such a turning point. The tears in my eyes remind me of that. Our family changed and I wondered how the future would be...now I know in part, and it is wonderful. And it keeps getting better. So happy for all of you. You can tell he is an amazing kid.
“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in His hand who saith, 'A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!”

Life with Kaishon said...

I am crying. Crying.
I loved every single picture. I want you to send me his address so I can send him a letter in college. It won't have any big words or have very impressive sentence structure but I will tell him I think he is marvelous. He is going to go so far in life.
The best is yet to come.
Oh, and please tell me you are kidding that 9th grade is bad. I thought 8th grade just about killed us. I am still not recovered...and school is starting in just 6 days.