June 16, 2014

Galaxy-ography: May

3 days after the 1st egg, Mama hummer layed a second egg.  Evening walks are my favorite.  School is wearying The Teen.  Dudes get creative with Mexican Train dominoes.  Little Dude finishing the year strong with his state report.  Beach midday is beautiful.  Don Quixote is the book club pick for the next couple months.  Shakespeare is spectacular.  My new kicks are kinda bright.  And 1st hummer baby hatches.

galaxography may1
Dove lovebirds in the backyard.  Dog Dude is getting a little more comfy with Jeep rides.  Our doggy nephew comes for a visit.  Looseleaf Theatre Co. Shakespeare is a hoot.  2nd hummer baby arrives and the two together push out the sides of the nest as they grow.

galaxyography may2


Tracy P. said...

I was totally more jealous of the shoes than the peonies. ;-) You're catching up! I am woefully behind.

Life with Kaishon said...

I like the shoes. I love the birds. Your hair?
STOP THE TRUCK with that fabulous-ness. I see highlights and lowlights and totaly LOVELINESS!