May 7, 2014

Galaxy-ography: April edition

Hummingbird babies hatched and delighted us until they unexpected & sadly disappeared (likely nabbed by a larger bird).  Succulents and wildflowers flourished.  I scoped out a photo session site (for young children) and was somewhat dismayed to find my rather large rattlesnake friend.  Beach date in the middle of the week with my mister and Jane Eyre.

galaxyography apr1

Pepperdine new student reception with the Teen (how is this even possible?!?).  Little Dude was rather enamored with the campus.  5 more pounds of Kauai coffee beans delivered: best way to start the day, par none.  Middle Dude got a new tshirt.  We let the boat out of the garage :-).  River bound.  The Teen powered down Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead and penned & submitted an essay in a week (in an attempt to win a scholarship). 

galaxyography apr2

Every desert drive needs a stop at the junk pole.  Went to Vivian Maier movie.  Mixels are Little Dude’s current Lego fav.  And they make good Train markers for dominoes.  Middle Dude adds another snarky tshirt to his arsenal (this one for his weekly ultimate frisbee games).  I read a bunch of fairytale-ish YA fiction. 

galaxyography apr3
Happily, Mama hummer came back and layed another egg (and a few days later, layed a second egg).  All is well in the world again.  And we reinforced the chicken wire around the nest.

galaxography apr4
all pics courtesy Samsung Galaxy


Anita Johnson said...

The hummingbird nests shots are excellent! What a treasure to find!

Anita Johnson said...

I just looked at this again on my computer, I'm so sorry to hear about the hummers. We have had problems with other birds attacking our nesting bluebirds...this year things seem to be going well. We have 5 eggs, I hope to see little hatchlings mid week.

Life with Kaishon said...

I can't believe he is going to college.
I might have just let a tear slip.
How does this growing up keep happening?
I am so glad you could go on a date. I love that you have such great love.
Tell me about Vivian's movie.