April 7, 2014

Galaxy-ography: March edition

Breakfast dates with Big Dude.  The Hot Bucket is back in business.  Wasting time at Cinnamon Productions while the Teen attends Physics class.  Flowers are blooming in CA…galaxography mar1
Frisbee + low tide + sunset at the beach.  Seaweed galore.  Mixels are awesome.  The Teen creating the very last of his Latin vocabulary cards.galaxography mar2
Wildflowers in the canyons and on the hills.  A hummingbird nest in our yard.  Hike in the mist.  Trader Joe ranunculas for days and days…galaxography mar3


Amy said...

i always enjoy your Galaxy-ography posts! great job again!

gaylene said...

Your pictures always make life seem beautiful in such a simple way. I don't comment much, but I always look to see the beauty you see through your camera!