March 3, 2014

Galaxy-ography: February edition

Our not-winter weather continues (note: the shorts), low tides and sunsets coincided at the beginning of the month, I “built” a stepping path at Little Dude’s school, clouds happened …
galaxyography feb1
Middle & Dog Dude are the best greeters, flowers are blooming everywhere (especially on bouganvillea vines and at Trader Joe’s), most awesome fog-sun-show at the Dana Point Harbor, walks, Valentine’s Day, and “Everything is Awesome!” …

galaxography feb2

The dudes did an overnighter at Joshua Tree, more flowers bloomed, Big Dude worked, leaves are still falling, we drove out to the Dunes (and ate at Pipe’s on the way), rain FINALLY arrived.

galaxyography feb3

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Life with Kaishon said...

It looks like a pretty grand month to me! : ) I have so many favorites. LOVE the picture of you and your honey. He always makes me smile.

Love the rainy day and the orange jeep! Love the flowers and your cactus and your heart shaped peperoni.

Love the kids jumping across the dunes. Love your family. LOVE YOUR LOVE. Such a beautiful thing.

Happy Monday to my favorite California girl.