December 10, 2013

Field Trip – Keller Style, Part 8

Last Day – on which we brave the cold, wind & rain (don’t know why it wasn’t snow – it was 32*).  First destination: National Archives.  We got front row parking!  Unfortunately, there was quite a line … in the rain … so I and my big girl camera waited in the car while the dudes perused the Declaration & Constitution.  Of course, I wasted time taking pictures of the cold and the wind and the rain.
 jefferson-1 jefferson-2 jefferson-3 Oh look!  The cutest little Angry Bird in the Universe is back.  He doesn’t look toooo angry …jefferson-4 jefferson-5 The Teen requested a stop at the Jefferson Memorial.  To take his birthday portrait.  So I sucked up my weather-weenie self, stuffed my big girl camera in a plastic grocery bag, and ran the half mile (ok, maybe it wasn’t that far. but really, it FELT like 3 miles) from the very distant parking lot, thru the rain and the wind and the COLD, to the monument.jefferson-6 jefferson-7 the teen is 17 jefferson-8 jefferson-9 jefferson-10 jefferson-11 jefferson-12 jefferson-13 jeffersonjefferson-14 jefferson-15 jefferson-16 jefferson-17 jefferson-18Thus concludes our field trip days in DC.  Now it’s time to find our way out of this confusing downtown monument maze, get over the bridge, and hop on our plane home.  Where it’s warm.


Anita Johnson said...

So beautiful! My kids are older now and both married. One day my oldest said he couldn't wait to start taking trips like we did when he was a kid with his family. That made my heart sing...and you have wonderful pictures to keep those memories forever!

Tracy P. said...

Whoa, these are spectacular! So glad The Teen talked sense into his weather-weenie mom!! ;-)

Life with Kaishon said...

Stop the truck with that cute little angry bird. I can not even take it. ADORABLE! : )

I love teenager : ). Really, really love him. Now, if I was the picture taker, I would charged at him like a raging bull and made him smile at least once.

I mean stoic is nice....but a smile wouldn't kill him. Or would it?