October 17, 2013

Playing with Presets – One Willow Rustic Collection

I love this new collection of presets that Jessica at One Willow has developed.  It’s appropriately titled “Rustic”, and it is artsy, hazy, matte-y and nature-y.  It’s wonderful.  Instead of showing these presets in a grid, I prefer to leave each edit “big” so that you can clearly see the subtle differences.  Just scroll over each picture to reveal the preset used.original-6149 brisk-6149 charcoal-6149 chestnut-6149 cocoa-6149 cranberry hazy-6149 doe-6149 driftwood-6149 ember-6149 feather matte-6149 fog-6149 harvest  matte-6149 indigo hazy-6149 leaf-6149 rustic matte-6149 spruce hazy-6149 stone-6149 storm-6149 timber-6149 woods-6149

And because I think this One Willow collection lends itself well to big landscape pictures, here are a couple more edits played out on a big landscape …

original-0871cranberry hazy-0871 fog-0871  Oops, a different picture snuck in while I was zipping thru these edits …rustic matte-0872 stone-0871 timber-0871 Anywhoooo, I like these presets very much.  Click on thru to One Willow if you’d like to see further images edited and get purchasing information. 


BigDude said...

Most of them just scream, "HAIRCUT!"

Christina said...

Very nice!
And BigDude makes me laugh.