September 20, 2013

Sublime Beauty. Laguna Beach. The Cave Version.

Just as the mossy rocks are often underwater, so too the cave is often inaccessible and filled with ocean waves.

But not the night we went.

Arrival at the mouth of the cave:  6:27p.  Behold the cute little beach in front …IMG_1483 Rocks are meant to be climbed.IMG_1491And jumped off …IMG_1500 Seaweed is to be gathered …IMG_1495Caves practically demand to be explored …IMG_1517 And sometimes photographers demand silhouette setups …IMG_1519 IMG_1520IMG_1530 Tidepools beckon …IMG_1536 And the tide comes in all too quickly.  Exiting the cave:  6:38p.  Cave, you were exquisite for the 11 minutes in which enjoyed your company.IMG_1556 IMG_1565 IMG_1568 IMG_1572 IMG_1575


Tracey said...

Soooooooo beautiful!!!!

Tracy P. said...

That sunburst=your next giant canvas. Holy moly.

"And sometimes photographers demand silhouette setups..." Haha, who's creating camera delay now??

These are just spectacular.

Ally said...

I love the pic with the lone starfish. Beautiful photos!

Eva said...

Wow....just wow!!!! especially the last one. I'm wiping the drool up as I type.

Christina said...

I was going to write exactly what Eva did:
Wow, just wow! :) You live in a very beautiful part of our country, for sure!

MPooley said...

Susan I read in your "About Me" you say you drink diet Coke which will kill you. My advice is to do some research on how bad it is for you then stop drinking them and drink something else Please. Your family needs you.