September 6, 2013


Oh my, it’s hard to believe that October is right around the corner.  Which means it’s almost time for I Heart Faces’ Photography Conference.  Which means it’s almost time for MY WORKSHOP!!! 

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 My workshop is going to explore the business of lifestyle photography. 
  • what to do when clients want beach pictures of everyone sitting perfectly beautifully on a rock while wearing matching jeans and white-collared button down shirts? 
  • what to do when a potential client asks for a discount?
  • how to graciously say "no" to low-priced or discounted portrait sessions, while leaving the door open to book a full-price lifestyle session?
  • how to find clients who are genuinely looking for lifestyle images?
  • how to get natural expressions/interactions and authentically "not-posed" pictures?     
  • how to encourage clients to relax into a session? 
  • what to do with not-ideal lighting in some locations (ie. homes)? 
  • how about dim to dark lighting?!?
  • which lenses are best for achieving that lifestyle "look"? 
  • how to find the details that make your images unique, set-apart, no-part-cliche or copycat? 
  • how to design a session to perfectly reflect your clients? 
  • how many pictures to provide for a lifestyle session?
  • how to efficiently edit/process THAT MANY pictures?!?
  • how to avoid a client purchasing just 3-5 "portraits" while sadly leaving all the lovely lifestyle images behind?
  • what pricing structure best accommodates a lifestyle session business model?
As different as lifestyle images are from traditional portraiture, so too is the business model necessarily different. In this workshop, we will cover it all, and especially the differences: showcasing, shooting, selling/pricing, packaging … and all the little details along the way: scheduling, brainstorming, client-prep, the question of posing/styling (spoiler: the answer is “no”), putting clients at ease, and difficult lighting situations. Our workshop time will be split between classroom teaching and a hands-on family photography session. We will be a small but mighty group (very limited group size), which will leave plenty of space for individual attention and the ability to ask questions as we go.  I have just a couple openings remaining.  I'd love to have YOU join us.
The Nitty Gritty:
Friday, October 4th, 8a-noon
Where: Cherry Valley Lodge Conference Center in Columbus, OH
How much?:  $400 (for conference attendees)
                       $500 (for non-conference attendees)
To register and receive the discounted workshop fee, conference attendees can contact I Heart Faces through the email address listed in their registration packet.

Non-conference attendees can register directly by clicking below:  

Registration closes September 15.

And since all blog posts are totally better WITH pictures … here are some of my favorites from our last little bits of summer:

IMG_1296flower power IMG_0643IMG_0783 IMG_0876 IMG_1001 IMG_1104monkey bars orange county family lifestyle photographer puppy love


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