July 17, 2013

Baby Swallow.

Every year the swallows come back in spring.  They build mud nests in the eaves of most of the homes in my neighborhood, and we’ve had multiple nests on our home every year that we’ve lived here.  Once the babies exit their nests, our home becomes one of the launch pads for flight lessons.  This year, unfortunately, the babies seem to be falling out of the nest before they learn to fly.  We found this little guy still alive after his fall.  So we made him a temporary nest, hid him from the sight of predatory birds, gave him shade during direct sunlight hours, and fed him water from a medicine dropper.IMG_8821IMG_8823 IMG_8825Dog Dude watched over him pretty closely. IMG_8832 IMG_8833 IMG_8836 IMG_8838 We did our best to keep him safe thru the day.  But he didn’t survive the night.  Poor little guy.


Tracy P. said...

I love LD and DD waiting and watching hopefully together. Even if each of them was waiting for a different result. They look totally unified in their hoping. :-)

Charis said...

Oh LittleBirdsAreSoHardToKeepAlive. SaysTheMamaWhoLost8Ducklings. WeirdMobilePhoneTYping..

Tracey said...

So sad! He is so cute. I love how your pup was watching him.