May 31, 2013

May Edition: Living in the Moment

Galaxy-ography dump … it’s been a very pretty month here in SoCal.  Trader Joe’s got oodles of gorgeous ranunculus and peonies.  The waves have been lovely and massive and vibrantly-aqua-hued.  And Big Dude and I discovered a huge cave.  How we missed it our first ten years here, I. do. not. know.beach flowers and hot tub
Mother’s Day was a hoot.  Began with yummy strawberry waffles.  Continued with a trip to Bass Pro Shops for a photo op with the Duck Men (dog dude inclusive!) and a little offroading with the Jeep.
mothers day
Back to the beach, because, why not?  It’s close and beautiful, and Little Dude can make a couple bucks collecting bottles.  Looseleaf Theatre Co.’s production of Shakespeare’s [slightly modified - it was the Mad Men/Desert Hippy version] As You Like It was HILARIOUS.  Oh, and I finally got a hair cut.
beach flowers and shakespeare
Nana and Papa came to town, and so we went back to the beach [duh].  Multiple times [again, duh].  And to Scripps Aquarium – which was cool, but not as cool as the beach.
beach and aquarium beach is better
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Robyn said...

I love the beach and flower pictures! The colour and mood is awesome! I want to trade locations for a while.

gaylene said...


Anita Johnson said...

I feel refreshed just looking at where you live...

photography by anika alonzo said...

Don't you just feel like a whole new person with a new haircut?
I love that you chose all phone photos this months, it seems just so personal :)
I wish we had the beach that close. Enjoy the summer in the sand :)

stephanie said...

Too many beautiful photos to comment on my favorites, Susan. I'll just say that everytime I visit your blog I come away smiling!

jude said...

your life is so full of interesting!! i was reading an article you wrote, and thank you for the tip to use flower shots for cards. what a great idea--i LOVE ranunculus!