March 7, 2013


galaxy 1
What’s been happening on my phone lately (since I last dumped phone pics onto my ‘puter) … walks, schoolwork, summery days at the beach, low tide treasures, scattered showers, more shells on the beach than I recall ever seeing in past years …
galaxy 2
school pick-ups, curly hair, trying new equipment at the gym, Mom’s bday, first ever salon mani/pedi with Dad, Peaberry coffee beans (yummm), and Cubano coffee (also YUMM)…
galaxy 3
and the unfortunate ankle break while playing ultimate frisbee.  Emergency room trip, resplinting, surgery followed with yet another new splint, handicapped parking (bonus!), all overlapping with the Teen’s debate tournament at Concordia (isn’t the Teen pretty handsome in his suit?).

galaxy 4
And all of us together. 


Tracy P. said...

You are so stinkin' cute, Susan! And the Teen is MORE than handsome. That look from him is awesome. AND I can't wait for the Vivian Maier movie. Gonna be fascinating!!

Anita Johnson said...

I'm glad to see you smiling in the last photos! The ankle sounds miserable, but the beauty around you still amazes me.