February 18, 2013


Two weekends ago looked like this:

biking by the beachPerfect cloudy day for a bike ride by the beach.

And then this last weekend looked like this:  canyon twilight hikePerfect, warm evening for a walk in the canyon.  

And then we ended the weekend on this note: 

20130217_192947_resizedUltimate Frisbee game collision.  Methinks this coming weekend will be …. a little less active.


Tracey said...

Not fun. :( BUT love seeing all your fun family outing photos go through my Insta feed. :)

Anita Johnson said...

Oh no! Methinks you are right. Praying for healing. And patience. See that is one good thing about winters here. We are stuck inside. (o:

Tracy P. said...

That's such a bummer Susan. That had to have been rather ugly. So sorry Big Dude is sidelined. I'd tell you to give him the camera since he is now reduced to spectator, but we all know photography is not quite as inactive as one might think. Praying the healing goes well!

Christina said...

Oh dear! Hope he heals up as quickly as possible! I am so sorry that it happened. His expression in the picture is priceless though. Like, he would totally play the game again. :)