February 7, 2013

happy happy.

It’s that time of year again.  Trader Joe’s has ranunculus.


A potted plant just jumped right into my basket.


Life with Kaishon said...

I am going to see if our Trader Joe's has them too. Do you know I like to shop there just because I like knowing we shop at the same grocery store. Sometimes when I go in I imagine I will find you in one of the rows. It will be a healthy row : ). You will find me in the frozen and unhealthy rows. You will give me a hug any way though! : )

Happy Thursday night to my all time FAVORITE California girl.

Love, Becky

Tracy P. said...

I was looking for a cyclamen plant yesterday at the grocery store that ALWAYS carries them, but didn't find one. I may need to make the trek to Trader Joe's and see what they have brought to the tundra. I *need* some flowers. Looking forward to some flower therapy right here, Susan!

Angela King said...

so pretty! i wish there was a trader joes nearby.

Anita Johnson said...

No beach, no sun, freezing cold AND no Trader Joes. Yep, I love the frozen tundra of Wisconsin! (I did hear rumor that we may be getting one about 20 min. from here. I will be first in line.)

Andrea said...

My favorite! I'll have to make a TJs run tomorrow. :-)