January 9, 2013

December Round Up …

Gosh, December was over in a blink of an eye.  Here are all the little bits I never got around to blogging, all blogged in one post.  We were way later than usual in getting the décor out (I think I was in denial that we were already at the end of 2012!).  Funny moment happened when my son saw Big Dude dragging the tree out of the attic (we had to give up live Christmas trees a few years back after several unsuccessful attempts to keep them green thru the month of December; our south-facing warm windows just didn’t allow such a thing):  he shouted, “Hurray, we’re making the tree!!!”  Not quite as glamorous or traditionally seasonal as going out in the snow and chopping down a beautiful Noble Fir …  making the treeThe annual gingerbread house …IMG_4274IMG_4276Beach.  In the morning.  Lovely.beautiful beachLego Mini-figs. Dueling. Of course.IMG_0093lego duelingMiddle Dude is taking over cookie baking duties.  He may add a little more vanilla than prescribed, because, y’know, it smells divine.  He just saw me typing and told me that’s there’s exactly nothing wrong with adding extra vanilla.  Vanilla makes the world go round.  His words.20121216_142934IMG_0099More beach.  In the evening.  Lovely.sunset at the strandDog Dude + Me + evening stroll … IMG_0144IMG_0151IMG_0161A little yard maintenance.  The younger dudes were all over it.  Money may or may not have provided incentive & enthusiasm for said task.yard clean upPhone pics …dec miscGot the yearbook started … yearbookChristmas Eve …christmas eveChristmas morning …IMG_0388IMG_0418(can you read Little Dude’s tshirt?  “I support Recycling.  I wore this yesterday.”  So perfect for him!

Digging in to the science kit … (and the resulting glow in the dark wand!)IMG_0449IMG_0453This delightful Pottery Barn catalog arrived on my birthday.  Such a fun surprise!  My pics, adorning the PB desk …pottery barnMy birthday also included a Once Upon a Time catch-up fest …20121229_195446And I closed the month & year by completing my annual album.  Now I’m just waiting for a big, fat sale to begin so I can send my book off to the printer!2012 family album


Life with Kaishon said...

I love your family so much! ESPECIALLY your extra vanilla adder : ).

The fact that your AMAZING work was in Pottery Barn just astounds me. Truly. Actually, that might not be a good word. I am not astounded because your work is truly incredible. I am overjoyed that your work got to be in such a prestigious catalog. I am so proud of you and happy for you!

Your album looks wonderful. I hope the big fat sale starts soon.

Tracy P. said...

1. As if Middle Dude didn't already have a special place in my heart. No such thing as too much vanilla.

2. You and your amazing sun flare!!

3. Favorite shot--dudes next to the tree on Christmas morning. SO fun!

4. I really really really wish my book was done. I've picked the photos. Kind of.

LOVE your December!

Anita Johnson said...

What beautiful pictures...I just long for the beach after seeing your photos...hopefully a trip this year! Congratulations on the Pottery Barn photos...I've got to find my catalog around here, hope it isn't regional! I started working on a photo book too, you seem much more organized, but I am waiting for the big sale too. This time I hope to give my kids a book too...just for them to remember what mom likes to do. (o: I just remembered you do your pages yourself and then add them to the book. I wish I had remembered that. The software can be frustrating. OK, Next time! Happy 2013, I look forward to seeing more of your magic.

stacey said...

I'm still a little in awe over the Pottery Barn thing. :)
And envious of your book making skills.
So fun. Love all the pics.

Kristin Klein said...

I love the self portrait with the sun flare - now that is talent! Amongst other amazing works :)

Congrats again on the catalog!