December 30, 2012

December Edition: Living in the Moment

I decided to embrace the 12.12.12 theme for this month's LitM post.  Y’know, “twelve pics on the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year of the 21st century”.  I’m sometimes not so good at following constrained boundaries, so I morphed my 12.12.12 from 12 pics into 12 things (cuz, I had, like, - btw, that obligatory "like" is so my dudes can roll their collective eyes at me - way more than merely 12 pics) on a single day in Dec 2012.  Oh yeah, and I shot on the 11th, because it was a day that started especially nicely …
Here are my 12 things on the 11th of December, 2012 …

1.  We dropped Littlest Dude (who always has a book in his hands during the morning car ride) off at school.

2.  We went on a date.  Yes, in the morning.  It was awesomely wonderful.  He worked.  I read.  My book was The Son, the last book of The Giver quartet.  I give it highest marks; I may even  like it better than The Giver.


3.  I took my daily gram for the I Heart Faces December photo challenge.  The day’s theme?:  “on the shelf”.  And that's my new phone.  Isn't it purty?


4.  Middle Dude worked on his Omnibus history research paper.


5.  Big Dude found our one and only lime of the year (don’t know how we missed its whole growing period?!?).  Which started me meandering through the yard to see what else I potentially missed.  Dog Dude followed.


6.  Lunch of champions?  Hardly.  But it is his preferred daily lunch.  Generic grocery vanilla yogurt – no fruit lumps, thankyouverymuch.


7.  Little Dude does his homework.  Diligently.  First thing he gets home.  Daily.  Love that kid!


8.  Middle Dude played Big Dude’s retro/vintage Infocom adventures.  The Teen can’t stay away.  The Teen can’t restrain himself from taking the helm …

IMG_4355infocom 1infocom 2

9.  Big Dude hung our ginormous new Kauai canvas.  Little Dude rejoiced and pretended he was back on the beach…

hanging canvasIMG_4367

10.  I get “good Mom” points for not rearranging the dudes’ arrangements of Christmas ornaments.  Either that or I get lazy points.  Btw, yes, that sweet young thang is The Teen way back in the day.


11.  Little Dude created.


12.  Our overnight guests arrived, bringing our household total to 12 (if you include Dog Dude, and I am).

And thus concludes my “12.12.12” for this December edition of Living in the Moment.  For more December living moments, click on thru our blog circle, starting with Anika


stephanie said...

I laughed out loud at your older son taking over the game. I just love the easy, breezy attitude your always seem to exude. Bless you!

melissa zihlman said...

what a lovely month, and I particularly enjoyed the storytelling with each image...felt like I was right there with them!

Robyn said...

Love the brothers and computer series! That looks so much like my house, only insert a Wii where the computer is.

I absolutely love that canvas... it's AMAZING!

photography by anika alonzo said...

That could so be my house with these computer games! What is it with boys and their obsession with electronic things anyways?

Happy new Year!!!

Anita Johnson said...

Looks like a fine time to me! Happy New Year, Susan!

Tracy P. said...

The fisheye won!!!! YAY!!!! :-) And they are definitely "good Mom" points. Yes to days that start off especially well! Happy New Year Susan!

Irene said...

Just beautiful!!!! I just love that beach canvas!! I want one! (What size was it?)

And your boys are just too sweet!

jude said...

i love your wall of windows in your house! your tree looks great and i think they did a great job trimming it, and wow i really thought that was a pic of your youngest hanging on the tree! your canvas makes me giddy. LOVE it! your 12 on 11 was so fun!

Katelyn Bumgardner said...

My brother plays on the same lego software as Little Dude is using :) Boys!

I loved these pictures!

Christina said...

Love, love, love it! Your sense of humor is pretty great, you know! :)
That phone takes amazing pictures!! I just got an SII, and I am curious to find out if it does a good job too. :)