November 6, 2012

Kauai Chronicles

kauai day 3

The condensed Android version of our vacation … Day 3 began with beauty in our yard.  This house has gorgeous, spacious, GREEN grounds with palms, coconuts, roosters/chickens/frogs & giant snails, limes, bananas & avocados and streams [filled with icky, stagnant water … just to keep it all real].  Day 3 included Monopoly, and if that wasn’t enough tantrum-inducing activity, we headed out to mini-golf afterwards (oy. who thought that was a good idea?  [Big Dude]  “Memories to last a lifetime!”). 
kauai day 4 waimea
Day 4 we drove to Waimea Canyon, took the Jeep offroading along Mohihi Camp 10 road,
kauai day4 coffee co
followed by a much-anticipated stop at the Kauai Coffee Company (free samples!!).
kauai day 6 sunrise and hike
Day 5 was all reading (and some work) all day.  No Android. 
Day 6 began with sunrise at Moloa’a, and continued with the Kalaulau Trail hike – a trail with the most astounding visual splendor.  And Ants.  Millions of Ants.  And Very BIG Hills – up and down and up and down and up and down.  The Teen and Littlest Dude stopped at the beach at the 2 mile mark.  The rest of us continued on to go to the Falls.  I made it to the 3 mile mark before turning back (my ankles were NOT up to the task of the last mile of boulder scrambling).  Big & Middle Dude made it all the way to the Falls (which were spectacular – I’ll post those pics later after I pull them off Big Dude’s phone) at the 4 mile mark.  I thought I was going to DIE on the hike back – so embarrassing how many times I needed to stop and how many people passed me by while I tried not to puke.  The day ended as it began, at Moloa’a beach, this time for sunset.  With sore muscles.


Tracy P. said...

Day 3 included Monopoly, and if that wasn’t enough tantrum-inducing activity, we headed out to mini-golf afterwards (oy. who thought that was a good idea? [Big Dude] “Memories to last a lifetime!”).

OH MY GOSH Susan!!! I thought for a minute there you just crashed one of our vacations!! Gonna be giggling about that for a while here!

stacey said...

'm so happy to hear that my kids aren't the only ones that have tantrums on vacation.

I'm also so happy to hear that I am not the only one that would nearly die on a hike like that. But I'm sure the views were worth it!! (Maybe??)

Love seeing your pics, keep 'um coming!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your vacation. Even the murky water! It sounds amazing so far. Monopoly induced freak outs and all ; ) Thinking about the hike made me very tired so I can't imagine you actually doing it. Have I ever told you that you are amazing?

Anita Johnson said...

I'm glad you are alive after the hike...I'd so miss your photos! (o;
Our family could not play mini golf glad to think we were normal. BEAUTIFUL pictures again.

Tracey said...

I am so glad you survived the hikeinwhichyounearlydied!

What a beautiful place!!!!

Christina said...

My ankles hurt just from reading about your insane hike!
Your pictures are incredible (I am now fully convinced that I would like that phone! ha!) and your stories...ah, so relatable. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Gotta get of these day (hopefully sooner than later). Thanks for sharing!