October 15, 2012

Beautiful Life Full of Boys :: Orange County Family Photography

This is one of those families where you just know that God hand-picked the two most perfect people to parent these three rambunctious, high-energy, clever, strong, sweet boys. Dad is clearly all these attributes himself, so he has perfect insight into his boys' lives. And Mom? Don't let her petite, feminine appearance fool you. She is strong as an ox and tough as nails (I know because I've attended her Bodypump class at the YMCA. ouch.) ... and she has a heart of gold. She is the perfect mom for these boys. Observe: a delightful, full-of-love, sunny morning at the beach. With light sabers.

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Thank you, G Family, for allowing me the privilege of photographing this fleeting moment in your crazy, action-packed life. The pleasure was all mine - y'know, 3-boy families are kinda close to my heart. ;-)
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Elena T said...

So this is seriously awesome, obviously. But one of the things that stood out to me was how you were able to capture shots of each boy one-on-one with mom or dad. Having four kids myself, 10 and under, I know how rare it is to have a good photo with me and just one of them. It's priceless. And you did it beautifully.

Anonymous said...

These photographs are fabulous, love the video collage, being able to see the Gfamily in action is so awesome, since we're east coast and they're west! Love them all, Gigi

Andrea said...

Just beautiful! Love all the long shadows in these. And that wide angle lens... :)

stacey said...

These are fantastic, Susan. Love these so much. You captured their personalities perfectly!