July 9, 2012

Summer Staycation-ing: The Getty Villa

Littlest Dude studied ancient Greece in school this last year, so off to the Getty Villa we went …
getty villaIMG_5820IMG_5793IMG_5796IMG_5800IMG_5802IMG_5842IMG_5845IMG_5857IMG_5859getty villa 2IMG_5866IMG_5867IMG_5848getty villa 3getty villa 4IMG_5882IMG_5884IMG_5889IMG_5898IMG_5913IMG_5935getty villa 5IMG_5923IMG_5925I'll refrain from telling you the comedy of errors (that was not funny at the time) that happened as we traveled to our destination, but I will tell of this humorous moment:
The traveling exhibit on display was all about Aphrodite.  As we approached the exhibit room, the guard strongly cautioned us that the exhibit had explicit adult content.  Big Dude, without missing a beat, answered, "I look forward to that."  And walked right in, with his sons right behind him.  Gotta love dudes.


Anonymous said...

I ADORE the Getty Villa!! We hung out there for HOURS last time we were down. It is absolutely stunning and beautiful!

Kristin said...

OooOoo! Looks like fun . . . staycations are always some of my very favorites! The hubby and I will have to plan one for just the two of us this summer!


A Circle of Quiet said...

You have a very funny husband! Beautiful. Is that in Malibu?


Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. How pretty is this place? Stunning.
I am glad you all enjoyed the STRONG adult content.
The boys were looking for something fun to do today after shooting at the gun range (inspired by your trip) when we saw an adult store. The sign said FUN FOR EVERYONE. Naji was like, please can't we go there for some fun.... I told him that was fun we would not be partaking of this trip for certain! ; )

Tracey said...

I think our husbands may be brothers. They must meet.