May 2, 2012

Mr. Snowman

So we didn’t get to rock climb in Truckee.  But we totally got to build a snowman.  A pretty awesome trade-off for we SoCal Kellers who rarely see snow!IMG_4938IMG_4939snowman with a straw hatFunny.  I never saw this sign (my M-I-L or F-I-L took this pic).  I guess we kinda sorta broke this rule (the leash part, not the other part. that would be rude & inconsiderate).  114snowman tripIMG_4961IMG_4969IMG_4972IMG_4975finish snowman-2IMG_4988


Tracy P. said...

Awesome! I love: Middle Dude and Grandpa..that Littlest Dude was willing to loan his hat...the rainbow umbrella splashing its way through your vacation pics. I'm very impressed at your snowman skills--I would never have known you weren't well seasoned experts!

Anonymous said...

The winter-straw hat still totally makes me laugh. ;)

Life with Kaishon said...

This made me so happy! Like bursting out laughing happy! You broke the rule! I bet the park warden wasn't coming around to check that day. He probably took a snow day! : )

Anonymous said...

I love that the doggy got to
enjoy the snow without the leash!
You can just tell by his body
language that he was joyful.
What a fun day for all of you.
Thanks for sharing. mm,

Kristin said...

hehhehee - you are quite distant from the beaches of Southern Cal :D Enjoy!!