May 31, 2012

A Little Bit of Snow. A Whole Lot of Wind.

Coming down the pass, we stopped to appreciate the high-up-far-away view of Mono Lake.  It was a little snowy.  Really windy (I couldn’t even keep my eyes open when facing the direction of the wind).  And there were just a few bumper stickers for … decoration?  You can see the road we’ll be driving down cutting thru the middle of the first picture – but we won’t get down there before heading offroad for a little sightseeing and rock climbing…IMG_5090IMG_5092IMG_5094We’ve seen these beautiful snowy mountain ranges from lake level at sunrise, but it was fun to see them from above.IMG_5097Well, hello, dirt road …IMG_5110


Anonymous said...

OOOeeeee!!! I love your selfie! Looks like you are enjoying the breeze! ;)

Tracey said...

I need to become one of the Keller family. Your travels are always so fun and beautiful!!!!