April 18, 2012


sequoiasIMG_4626IMG_4629IMG_4638IMG_4644IMG_4651IMG_4664shooting dip

Not all roadtrips go quite as planned.  This roadtrip was to include lots of shooting practice, hiking in Yosemite, Sequoia-gazing, and rock climbing in Truckee.  Well, at least we got in this brief bit of target practice at the end of the first day of driving, just before the sun went down.   But that’s the only item on our list that got checked off.   Rain fell, snow stormed, roads closed, and vomit spewed (because it wouldn’t be a real Keller roadtrip without a little vomit … tmi?).   It quickly became the joke that we had all traveled hundreds of miles just to shop in a dollar store in inclement weather in little old Oakhurst…


Life with Kaishon said...

I love your adventures : )

Tracey said...

First off, I was the car vomiter growing up. I've lived with the label all my life. I've also thrown up on every plane ride. TMI?
My kids would have loved this shooting practice. And that picture in the middle at the top? Totally looks like a car commercial photo!

Leslie said...

I love this post.
The Kia ad.
The photos.
The tmi.

Love it.
All of it.