April 10, 2012


Last week the dudes and I headed down to Legoland. But I did not enter the brick wonderland with them. Oh no. I dropped them off. And happily headed over to the very pretty flower fields. And took a few hundred pictures.


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Anita Johnson said...

These pictures amaze me, it must be a wonderful sight! We just don't see poppies like this here...I remembered you saying there was a special place you went to see flowers like this, I wish we could all come with on a field trip! We woke up to ice in the bird baths...I knew our super warm spring was too good to be true! Your Easter collage was so fun too!

Andrea said...

A field of poppies like that would have me taking hundreds of photos as well. Beautiful!

Tracy P. said...

Gosh Susan! I can't imagine why! Although I would love to see your photographs of the colorful Legos too. ;-)

Tracey said...

seriously love these photos, in this post and the one after it. One of my favorite flowers ever. :)