April 19, 2012

Interrupting these travelogues …

…because this is definitely something we Kellers don’t usually see in our ‘hood.  On our walk yesterday, Dog Dude and I turned a corner and saw these four-legged grazers (actually, we heard & smelled them before we turned the corner!).

goat quadWe could see a couple dozen.  I guessed there were maybe 50 total.  I was off by a fewgoat dipAfter school, I took the dudes (and my big-girl camera) by on our way home… goat quad2slideshow one-100goat dip2slideshow one-98

slideshow one-99

There are actually 500(!!) goats that have been brought in to graze away the weeds (and everything else!) as part of a wild-fire prevention/control measure.  I can actually see them from my bedroom window.  What a hoot.  They’ll be here, bleeting, eating & pooping for the next couple weeks.

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Jessica said...

What a funny experience! So glad you brought your camera, because that sure made for some great photos. Love your goat photos. :)

Adrienne said...

That's a great idea as far as weed control goes. Goats need to eat, weeds need to go. Except I would think the excrement would be flammable, too. But overall, I suppose it's less noisy than gas-powered weed-eaters.

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!! I love that CA is using such a brilliant method for fire prevention. And I love the dog there watching over them.

I know that in Canada they use bird dogs to chase off geese from parks because of the damage they do. I want Lanie to get a job chasing birds. Wouldn't that be the best.

Thanks for taking the pictures and sharing. My kids are going to love this post.

Tracy P. said...

Oh that just made me laugh! I love the photos. That is seriously a lot of goats. Hope they don't keep you awake at night! :-)

BigDude said...

Ha! Ha! "Bleeting"
You kill me!

Tracey said...

People use them a lot out my way too. I guess it's a pretty "green" thing to do!