March 8, 2012

Anatomy of a Lightroom Edit ...

Yesterday, Jessica, preset-creator-extraordinaire at One Willow, gave me a sneak peek of her new Lightroom brushes collection. I must admit, I don't often use brushes; I'm kinda sorta a lazy quick editor, especially with my own family pictures. Take, for example, the SOOC snapshot below of Littlest Dude. I snapped it quick and it's underexposed by about a stop.


My normal edit for this would be to add +1 exposure and maybe bump the vibrance a bit, which results in the edit below:


But, since I'm playing and experimenting with Jessica's new set, I went ahead and applied her new Everyday preset (which she's including with the brush collection - it's a great starting point!). That simple step (no adjustments) created the edit below:


Then I went ahead and locally applied the following brushes: skin smooth tones (to subtly remove skin blotchyness), skin soften (smooths lines), eye sparkle, eye white, eye define lashes, sharpen definition (to make face pop a bit),
and color enhance (just on the background).


brushes before and after

I know I've said this before, but gosh I love Lightroom and One Willow. The End. :-)

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Jessica said...

Thank you Susan! Much Appreciated!

Tracey said...

yeah, might be calling for a walk-through tutorial. :)

Life with Kaishon said...

Little dude is so cute. I just want to hug him. : ) I love this edit. I love your pictures. I love your heart. I think I should learn lightroom because editing is so hard for me and I never feel good at it no matter what I try.

Leslie said...

Awesome.... this is incredible Susan. Again I bow down to the LR master.


Adrienne said...

Brushes might make me fall in love with Lightroom all over again.