February 5, 2012

Shoot Thru Things.

I have a super simple, perhaps obvious, but very fun photo composition tip for today:   Shoot Through Things

Here’s what I mean.  See this perfectly lovely pathway?  It makes a beautiful “frame” for my subject.

view down path
But I can also use the path foliage (getting up really close to my foreground foliage) to frame out the subjects in a variety of ways.

shoot thru path foliage 600px

Neat, huh?

In the spirit of brainstorming, here are just a few ways to “shoot through things” to make a photo more interesting, more layered, more intriguing, less ordinary in its composition:
Shoot through leaves.

shoot thru leaves600px

Shoot through weeds (especially if they’re backlit and glowy!!).  BTW, that’s not sun flare below, it’s weed sparkle. 

shoot thru weeds 1-1shoot thru weeds 3

Shoot through doorways.

shoot thru doors

Shoot through crib bars.

shoot thru cribs

Shoot through furniture.

shoot thru furniture

Sometimes in order to capture my ornery Teen in photos with a smile on his face, I need to go into stealth mode and shoot through truck bed windows …

shoot stealth thru truck bed windows

If you happen to be photographing a puppet show, be sure to shoot a photo from behind the curtains …

puppet show 2puppet show

Shoot a pretty landscape photo through a fence.

shoot thru fence

Shoot through a boat thingy (yup, my vocabulary is pretty techie!).  Zoom in, too.

shoot thru boat thingyshoot thru boat thingy 2
Shoot through ladders and doll houses.

ladders & doll houses600px

Shoot through windows, from outside looking in (outdoor reflections add an intriguing layer to your photo).

outside looking inside

Shoot through windows, from inside looking out (especially when your kiddo is using said window as his personal performance mirror!).

inside looking outside-1

Shoot through car doors, and grab a self-portrait in the mirror while you’re at it …

shoot thru car doors

Shoot through chairs.

shoot thru chair600px

And, one of my favorite shoot-through things (again, with the techie language):  the car windshield.

shoot thru car windshield

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