September 8, 2011

Roadtrip, Part 7, Dinner at Bryce Lodge

Hey, Papa Gene, were you looking for another hot rod project? We might have found just the perfect frame for you ;-).

dinner at bryce 2dinner at bryce 1dinner at bryce 3dinner at bryce 4dinner at bryce 7dinner at bryce 5dinner at bryce 6dinner at bryce -9

The smoke (from the prescribed control burn) was superduper thick this particular evening. We had dinner at the lodge which has this dubious claim-to-fame: that of the three nearby National Parks (Zion, Grand Cyn & Bryce), it is the only original lodge left standing. The other two lodges were lost to fires. With the amount of flames and smoke, one might have feared this lodge would suffer the same fate. But, no fears; those fire fighters know what they're doing. cough, choke, cough.


Anonymous said...

Loooks like a couple of projects that are right up my alley. When can you deliver them. Papa Gene

Anita Johnson said...

The smoke made for a beautiful photo. We were at Yosemite a few years after the fire. The wildflowers were beautiful, a bi-product of the clearing of the understory. Your photos from your trip have been so beautiful, makes me want to grab my camera and hit the road. Thanks for letting us come long for the ride!

Life with Kaishon said...

Holy wow. Who would ever imagine smoke would make a picture so lovely. I adore the shot.