August 24, 2011

Keller Annual Summer Roadtrip, Part 2

Second stop: middle of nowhere, Utah.
Activity: letting men & boys be ... boys. Shooting slingshots. At rocks and a stray beer bottle.
Accuracy stats: All of us hit exactly none targets. ;-)

slingshot 1IMG_3868slingshot 3IMG_3880slingshot 2IMG_3893

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Life with Kaishon said...

All of us hit exactly none : )
So funny!
Loved the workshop post over at I heart faces today.
You are my favorite super star.

Tracy P. said...

Ditto Becky! But once again I would say your accuracy was perfect. Love the shadow art, but hope Goliath isn't coming soon to a neighborhood near you. ;-)

Have you written a tutorial yet about how you make your collages on your posts? I think of them every time I have the never-ending scroll. You use so much more self-restraint than I do. Thing is, I would be happy to scroll endlessly through your photos!