May 10, 2011

Pink AND Blue! ... Aliso Viejo Newborn Photography

I adore how this family does life. They understand the preciousness of relationships and value and welcome FAMILY. Cousins are best friends. Sisters and brothers, grands, in-laws and future in-laws drop by often ... and often bring their dogs with them. :-) This [extended] family does life TOGETHER. And it's beautiful.

Know what else is beautiful? This darling, little, brand new baby girl. Already she is very loved.





train table 2




home life 2

Ava Wall-498T

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Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. I love her little dress. And her brothers. And the smiles. And the love. Oh, how I love the love. Beutiful family. Beautiful captures.

A Circle of Quiet said...

So my computer was open, and I heard Zack exclaim, "Wow, Mrs. Keller is a great photographer. And then he began to detail out all that he loved in a few of the photos. It then spun in to a nice conversation about how much I appreciate you, which made me miss you!!!!


Anita Johnson said...

Oh my goodness, these are just beautiful. If I have one regret, it is that I don't have too many photos from my early days as a mom...but the memories are still as sharp as ever!

Tracy P. said...

Uh, I got lost on the first photo with that amazing little sweet hand. But un-lost myself in time for the yawn and delighted glance from Mom. Too wonderful for words!

Christina said...

Sweetness! Blue eyes! Pink babyness! Such a good-looking family! So lovely!

Stacey said...

Oh my, she is darling. And her room is amazing! And I SO love how you caught real life in these images....from dad playing trains with the boys, to the bottle dryer on the counter. LOVE that so much. Beautiful work of a beautiful family.

The Animator's Wife said...

yay Blogger lets me in. finally. geez! not letting me tell you 'bout the gorgeous-ness of these fine images Susan... :)

And I know I'm quirky but I LOVE the bottle-drier-thingy shot with the single PINK brush. that's a story right there!

great job Susan! they will be so thrilled with these!

Molly Flanagan said...

susan these turned out so beautiful! i agree with pp, the bottle drying rack is such a fabulous detail shot of early days with a new baby! the family portraits is fantastic. love the light and their oh so happy and excited expressions!

M K Yeager said...

Wow !! These images are completely gorgeous !!! :)

Tracey said...

These are wonderful! I love the soft pink and the little moments you caught with the family. I always love what you capture!

Nikki said...

Wow! lovely series! all the way down to the details! love it.