January 26, 2011

The Perfect "Fix".

All today, for no good reason, I just felt blah. Bah humbug. Lethargic. Grumpy. Ill-tempered.

This was the perfect fix. Just the right medicine. Better than any day spa.

The Strand Android 3

Photo stats: Big Dude's Android phone. Free Fx Camera. Polandroid Setting. Vintage Film. Square.

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Dana Point Beach Photographer


Anita Johnson said...

Yep, this would be the perfect fix for me today, too. Just to be outside would be a breath of fresh (not frozen) air! And I can't get over these are taken on a PHONE... looks like so much fun!

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so glad you could go to the beach for sunset. Dazzling. : ) Your pictures are magic no matter what you use.

kbreints said...

Yes. I know the beach would change my BLAH mood for sure. However it is a bit of a stretch for me! LOVE the photos.

tami said...

Just found your blog through "i heart faces." i am currently being stretched in my photography hobby as I am in a class learning lots of new stuff. Love your pictures! When i read that you are a homeschooling, Christian mom with a husband as an engineer I had to leave a comment! There is just something about making those common connections with someone else. I am will be following your tips!

Tracy P. said...

Hope it didn't turn out that you were sick! Missed you today. And of course, love your beach!