January 7, 2011

Adventures in Textures, Part Four ...

with much gratitude to Jerry Jones at Shadowhouse Creations. Have you met Jerry yet? He's not only/merely a genius texture artist, he's a generous genius texture artist. He creates gorgeous textures and makes them available to the internet public, free of charge. He even regularly tutors his readers in how best to use his gorgeous textures.

Textures are becoming a little more familiar to me, but I've still been befuddled as to how to have texture/color show up on blown-out, detail-less skies (which is something I capture frequently here in SoCal). This particular tutorial at Shadowhouse, along with the available canvas texture, walked me thru the steps to put texture on a blank sky. Wanna see?

Before (notice the detail-less sky):


Here's a screen shot of my layers (with modes and opacities labeled).

shadowhouse canvas snipit

And here's the "after".


I know my "after" is not an earth-shattering piece of art, but I'm just so tickled to have the texture "stick" to the sky, and I'm anxious to try the technique on other images. :-)

Now, go visit Shadowhouse, be inspired, learn, and download some textures!

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Anita Johnson said...

So glad to have my computer back...I've missed visiting. This is the perfect pairing of texture and photo. "Earth-Shattering", no...that's the beauty in it!

Sarah said...

looks like a postcard!