December 13, 2010


Yesterday we Kellers headed to the San Diego Wildlife Park (which some marketing "geniuses" are remaking into the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. which really just means that they've shortened the 1 hour train ride to a 30 minute tram ride. added an expensive zipline. and a bunch of other "give us more money" add-ons that you pay for on top of your entrance fee and parking fee. oh, and painted various "safari" motifs thru-out the park. oy). Get this: I left my big-girl camera AT HOME. Yup. I did. Instead I drove Big Dude a little nutty using up his phone battery to snap a bunch of stills. Because sometimes it's nice NOT to carry around the heavy gear and think about camera settings. Sometimes a dinky little phone with one-click and edits-built-in is just the ticket.

wildlife park android collage

Btw, a little detail that some non-locals might not be aware of regarding the San Diego Zoo and its sister-Wildlife-Park, is that the botanical splendor is nearly as wonderful as the animals... :-)

And because I'm throwing this post in my "photo tips" category, here's the tip: the best camera is the one with you. Use it!

ps. technical details: these are all SOOC. Android phone. Free FxCamera app. Polandroid setting. Square. Alternating between Vintage Film and Mono color settings.

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David Rupert said...

love the picture of your boys in the culvert pipe. Wow. Great eye, awesome angle

Jessaca said...

David up there said everything I wanted to say. hehe
Have a great day and a wonderful week!!!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

You did an amazing job with your camera phone! I love my little Canon power shot for the same reason. I can still shoot in manual mode if I want, but it fits in my purse or jacket pocket and no big bulky camera hanging around my neck. :)

I love the San Diego Zoo. I remember one of the guides telling us that the botanical collection is actually more valuable than the animals there. It is surely a beautiful place to visit!

Tracy P. said...

Susan, did you really call Big Dude's phone "just a dinky little phone"? That is a perfect photo tip! What gorgeous lines and textures!

Life with Kaishon said...

Brilliant advice. : )

Lizzie said...

is this the same as the San Diego Wild Animal Park? I used to go all the time as a kid, it's been oh maybe 20-25 years ago, ha ha.

Looks like family fun :)

Keri said...

OH my gosh! Cant believe those are PHONE pics! amazing! that is a true photographer eye that is not about the fancy camera and lens. BEAUTIFUL!

Cathy said...

Oh, that's totally sad that they are changing it. It was my favorite of all San Diego attractions when we went there about eight years ago. I loved the slow, detailed train.