November 3, 2010

Voted Absentee.

Because we've been terribly busy the last few days.







Hey, Teen, give us your best "this is sooo lame" expression!:






And because, goshdarnit, I live in CA, and I'm always ALWAYS voting on the losing side ... it can get a little depressing. It helps a little being in my "happy place." [grin]

note: because I'm feeling Island-relaxed, and because my laptop is no good for editing, all these pictures are SOOC - a mixture of my big girl camera and the new toy camera. :-)

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Tracy P. said...

Wow, Susan! I'm looking at those chickens thinking, "That reminds me of Kauai." Then I see the so lame dude in front of that green fence, thinking, "HUH! I have a picture us in front of a green fence like that. In Kauai." So now I'm laughing! Eat a puka dog for me, and keep soaking it all in!

C.L. Davis said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like a wonderful time....and I hear you about the CA disappointment. Can't help but wonder what a lot are thinking and how they justify their motivation.

Katherine said...

I especially like the puddle pic. I voted absentee fax :-)

Life with Kaishon said...

I just laughed SO hard at teen's lame expression! I know he only made that face because you told him to. I know normally his face is lit with a huge smile : )

I am so excited for you and your vacation. This morning when I woke up I smiled and thought, my friend is waking up in HAWAII! And then I burst out of bed and raced to the window. Just to imagine your startling view : )

Anita Johnson said...

Looks like heaven despite the teens face! LOL!

Meg said...

I love Puka Dog in Kauai too! ...looks like you're going to have to savor one for each of us. ;)

Shauna_Rae said...

That "this is sooo lame" look totally made me laugh because that is just sooo boy teen!

Tracey said...

Laughing when I got to the pic of you in the hubby's glasses bc you should see the file on my computer loaded with identical pix--except I have zero of us in Hawaii. :(
Tahoe, Avila Beach, Moss Landing...but not on a tropical island far out at sea. (wallowing in self pity as I lay here in bed in a Sat morning and the sky is dreary outside)

And I hear you about always voting on the loosing team.

Melissa Stover said...

i was just thinking (during the election) what a bummer it must be for conservatives who live in california.