August 13, 2010

Iconic Old Faithful ...

Definitely Yellowstone's most populous sight-seeing destination! Tho, upon arrival, this is what we saw:


I guessed this meant we had a bit of a wait before Old Faithful blew off more steam...

And so we waited. And waited. And waited.

And then Big Dude sent The Teenager to find Middle Dude and I to tell us that we weren't waiting any longer. But it took The Teen awhile to find us. So, by the time we were all reunited (we had split, because Dog Dude isn't allowed more than a certain distance from the parking lot), enough time had passed that Big Dude said we might as well wait for the show.

And so we waited a bit more. The Teen (and Littlest Dude) sighed and groaned and moaned and whined. And then we caved for the final time and turned to leave without seeing the spectacle. Old Faithful blew nearly the moment we turned to leave.

And so we stayed. ;-)

old faithful progression



The Dudes all immediately declared: Not worth the wait.
They're a tough crowd to please, I tell ya.

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Life with Kaishon said...

I thought it looked awesome. But what do I know? I am an old lady!

Tracy P. said...

Oh my gosh, Susan, that's hilarious! And YAY that you got the photos anyway!

There should be a law that if you go to Yellowstone you are not allowed to leave without seeing O.F. blow. That way the moms with the cameras would not have to be the bad guys.

Anita Johnson said...

I do love these photos, but I have to agree with the Dudes. Though we did stay and wait for Old Faithful to blow, I thought there were so many other things about Yellowstone that I found much more fascinating. I agree with the previous should be mandatory! :-)

Skeller said...

Anita -
you summed it up exactly!
Old Faithful *was* awesome.
But, in my humble opinion, it wasn't THE most awesome thing we saw in Yellowstone. There were so many other geothermal spots that were way more picturesque and fascinating, albeit perhaps not quite so spectacular in pure power.

Krystal said...

Gorgeous pictures! We are planning our Yellowstone vacation for next summer! You will have to share what you think is a must see at Yellowstone! And do you mind sharing where you stayed? We haven't decided that yet. Old Faithful Inn is already booked thru next summer so....

Oh and what kind of camera do you use?

krystal in Tx

Helen Bratko said...

That's huge. We've seen one in Calistoga area, which was MUCH smaller. Thanks for sharing the pics and I'm glad you got to see it!

Julie Rivera Photography said...

I love it! Can I become a Dudette so I can traipse around the western states with your family? I just want to watch the family dynamics.