July 28, 2010

First Stop: Kolob Canyon, Zion NP


Kolob Cyn wildlife

Everyone but Littlest Dude ...


The relatively short drive thru this canyon was stunning. And almost no one was there. And at this point all Kellers were healthy. This was before we ate at quite possibly the world's dirtiest Taco Bell in Cedar City, UT. And Middle Dude woke up, throwing up. So not fun. But, hey, it wouldn't be a Keller roadtrip without vomit. sigh.

ps. just to restate things succinctly: we DO recommend Kolob Canyon. we do NOT recommend Taco Bell in Cedar City. the end.

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Tracy P. said...

Wow, gorgeous! Love the one of you and LD.

We had a similar experience at TB in Cody, WY outside Yellowstone. Turned out they had someone on duty to take your order, but no one on duty to make your food. I think we got it about 45 minutes later. Don't ask me why we waited. Oh, yeah, they had already taken our money. Feel better soon, MD!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness. I love going on this road trip with you :)