July 8, 2010


Y'all know I love Lightroom. I also love Jessica Paige's One Willow Presets. Lightroom + One Willow Presets go together like a hand in glove. Today, Jessica is giving away TWO TRIPLE SETS of her presets at I Heart Faces. Hop on over and enter the giveaway!

Here are some examples of her gorgeous presets on some of my recent pics ...
SOOC is below or on left


Willowing + Burn + Clarify + Sharpen (Fairytale set)


Lavender Mints (Retro Candy set)


Vintage Chocolate (Retro Candy set)


Beloved (Fairytale set)

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Jennifer Bowen said...

I love you B&A posts, Susan! Your photos are always inspirational and dreamy.

Teri said...

I love the first bee shot the most. Just so dreamy looking. Great as always, Susan.

Life with Kaishon said...

Just as stunning as can be. Wow.
Do you know that I have never used an action yet Susan? I feel like I am SO out of touch on all cool things. : ) I might get photoshop this week and a computer. Crossing my fingers : )

Jessica said...

Gorgeous photos! Do you know if they work with Photoshop, like just plain photoshop CS4?

Skeller said...

Jessica -
I'm pretty sure they do. You would just need to get the ACR (Camera Raw) version. There's a free demo preset (ACR) that you can try ...