June 4, 2010

One Willow’s Gorgeous New Presets …

I wrote a post a while back for iHeartFaces about how presets designed optimally for RAW can still be used for jpg editing.  In that post I showed my SOOC image + the edited RAW image + the edited JPG image side by side, to show how the presets could be tweaked to make the jpg look just like the RAW.  You can find that post here

Today I’ll just show before and after jpg comparisons, with “recipes” using One Willow’s gorgeous new Fairytale presets.

_MG_6465 _MG_6465-2

Recipe:  exposure –.48, presets: Royal + Burn + Clarify  (exposure was my only manual tweak)

_MG_6572 _MG_6572-2

Recipe:  exposure –.38, Country Road preset, drop contrast to 25

_MG_6530 _MG_6530-2

Recipe:  exposure –.48, presets:  Pink Princess + Clarify

_MG_7640 _MG_7640-2

Recipe:  presets: Beloved + Darken + Burn Soft (no manual tweaks)

_MG_7647 _MG_7647-2

Recipe:  exposure –.67, presets: Vintage Lace + Burn Soft

In my experience, for RAW specific presets, I’ve found that I usually need to adjust Bright & Contrast (usually turning them back to 0, or at least lessening each), perhaps lower Clarity, and sometimes undo the “strength” of the tone curve.  If it’s a preset that I use lots and lots, I will save my regular jpg adjustments, making a new preset and calling it the “jpg version”.

By the way, if you become a fan of One Willow Presets on Facebook, you’ll find a 10% off discount code for all of One Willow’s offerings!!


Mom2Da'Gorgeouses said...

:) Thanks for the tips! Your pics are beautiful as usual.

Anita Johnson said...

These are beautiful...lightroom intrigues me! Of course, your photos are a very good place to start with!