March 11, 2010

Eldest Dude has a blog.

An oh-so-humble (NOT!) blog. Even as I type, I'm holding back my pride-goeth lecture.

For his Great Books class, he recently completed an assignment to write a fictionalized account of a tragedy (the terms of which were defined in his Aristotle readings). He married Science Fiction + Gothic Comic Book + Great Books and greatly exceeded the maximum word count for his assignment. [grin]

And now he wants to share with all the world (well, all three of you visiting today - Hi Mom!) his uncut version:

Read it here. :-)

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Deidra said...

I read it, Mom! Be proud!

BigDude said...

Four, sweetie.

Tracy P. said...

I'm off to read. He knows you're short on words, so he's just borrowing a few of yours. ;-)

Christi said...

Another great blog for me to read. Be proud mama, be proud.

Heidi said...

I thought he was going to name his blog 'Long on Words.' :)

Tracy P. said...

He has one gadget on his sidebar. A button linking to "Short on Words". Priceless! :-)