February 9, 2010

Project Complete!!! - Orange County Photographer

Woohoo! After 7 years here in this home, my guestroom is finally cute!! (Yoohoo! Oh Guests, y'all come on back now, y'hear?)


And just because I shoot crooked does NOT mean that Big Dude hangs pictures crooked. He's an engineer.
And he knows how to use a level. ;-)

floral collage hanging

It takes me FOREVER and a day to envision wall art and bring it to fruition. And I'm so thrilled and tickled and giddy over this particular arrangement.

In fact, I'm so delighted with the arrangement, I'd love to offer it for sale to anyone else who may like to have it. Additionally, here's the nitty gritty on my cheap-o framing:

Clips from IKEA.

The Clips frames come in a 19.75" ($6 ea) and a 9" square ($3 for 2) - incredibly inexpensive!! But if cheap-o IKEA glass frames aren't your thing, I can also produce these floral images on gorgeous gallery-wrap canvas, which needs no framing at all and is ready to hang when it arrives.

Feel free to email me for pricing detail (see below).

floral collage pricing inquiry

ps. you can see more close-up detail of the pictures here.

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Anonymous said...

very BEAUTIFUL.. I hope you sell tons of them!...and about that guest room..when is it open :P hahah..

Tracy P. said...

Gorgeous! I'll let you know when I'll be in town. ;-) Gotta LOVE those engineers. (Mine actually CALLS himself an enginerd--but only in the company of people who already love him.)

A Circle of Quiet said...

Wait a minute...the guest room wasn't cute before? Wow.

GORGEOUS wall art. Nice hanging job, too (-:


Skeller said...

Nah, Di. It wasn't cute til you guys were all in it :-).
And then it was drag again.

But then it got cute again with the flowers :-)

Skeller said...

draB. not drag.

my typing skills when my hands are cold. oy.

Heidi said...

Susan, you may not think you are very crafty, but that rooms looks so fresh and inviting. Those four prints look incredible together.

Papa and Nana said...

WOW! That looks VERY professional, cheery, and inviting. Kudos to you both!! (It was also welcoming and comfortable BEFORE)

Anita Johnson said...

I feel like I have had a taste of spring this morning, the room and the prints are beautiful!

Courtney @ splashing grace said...

love, love, love it! and hooray for Ikea!

Life with Kaishon said...

They are so lovely. I hope you make many sales. You are a blessing.