February 15, 2010

Our Canyon, hike version 2010

Off we go.  Full of energy!!_MG_2489 

Heading out in our 'hood.  First we go up (see little hill at end of street?) _MG_2490Yes, Eldest Dude did join us. You just won't see him much because he's a teenager, y'know. Thus, he's usually 20+ paces *behind* us.

Then we go down. (see trail below?)  _MG_2491 _MG_2496

Then we walk around a while (notice trail we're on). _MG_2527

Then we go up. _MG_2552

And up.

And up.  (see the trail now?) _MG_2559 _MG_2558

See the university in the distance (the one seen in my <a href="http://shortonwords.blogspot.com/2009/02/view-from-my-room.html">room with a view</a> post)? _MG_2575  _MG_2581 Oooh, has that rescue helicopter been sent to get us and take us home?  Nope, ‘guess not._MG_2579

_MG_2597I ask Littlest Dude where home is?_MG_2595

Then we go down. _MG_2602

And then back up.

And finally down. IMG_2607

See how excited Littlest Dude is to be back home? IMG_2621That was one heckuva hike.  Just blogging it makes me need a nap.


ack. Livewriter continues to throw me for loops. I cannot make the words and the photos play nicely together.
Speaking of photos ... most of these were processed with Lightroom using TRA's new presets - specifically Crystal Ship Medium for the vintage-y color shots. Every picture (except the helicopter, which I cropped in close so you could see the 'copter) is 50mm, "normal" view. No zoom, no wide angle. So the near-far trail is just as you see it.


Heather said...

Shorts and short-sleeve shirts?? Bare legs?? Is it true?? It's THAT warm in SoCal right now?? Oh, what I would give to share a little bit of your warmth this morning :)

Have a blessed day, Susan... your photos are lovely (and encouraging... one day, spring will come here, too!)

Tracy P. said...

Love those--right there in your big backyard! Littlest Dude has the same boundless energy on the return home that he did on the way out--or so it appears.This post made me thing of you this morning. AWESOME perspective on the kid to teen transition.

Tracy P. said...

That would be think.

Anonymous said...

I love the very last photo..your neighborhood is beautiful! All the pictures are the viasual of a "Very blessed Family" Love the joe seen... :)

Karin said...

Beautiful photos! I am so inspired by your work. And totally jealous of your WARM weather as I sit freezing in my snowy neck of the woods. :)

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Susan? That's down your street? Seriously, Susan you guys are wearing shorts and t-shirts? Seriously? I guess so! What a beautiful little picture story about another Keller family vacation...err...I mean walk! Looks like y'all were on vacation, such a nice hike! Thanks for sharing!

Life with Kaishon said...

I want to come and go on a hike with you and the boys. They look so fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan Ihave been following your blog and you are an amazing photographer. I am starting to do some photography on the side as well. i admire the way you position your camera. The composition, the style is great. How do you do that? I need some info, thanks

Las Vegas

Skeller said...

Thank you, All, ... and I'm sorry. I know most of you are buried in snow. Lots of snow. You can laugh at us in May, June and July when all our days are overcast and you're all glorying in summer sun. :-)

Seriously, Kelly :-). Right down the street. I love it. The boys? Not so much.

Rebeckah - we'd love to have you join us ...

Thanks, Patty. Nothing too tricky. In general I like negative space. And shots from low to the ground. And I tilt the camera often. Probably too often.