January 11, 2010

Kimberly Cash Tate.

Kim and I "met" and "clicked" several years ago on the Well-Trained Mind board. Over the years we have exhorted and encouraged each other through our individual homeschool journeys. She and I just *get* each other and have several times talked about taking a walk together some day on the beach. The hindrance to our plan has been that Kim lives way far away in Missouri.

This weekend, though, we got our walk on the beach! And it was delightful. Kim flew all the way out here so we could take pictures ... for her upcoming book that will be published in the fall, and for publicity pictures, as she will be a speaker this year for Women of Faith!

kim beach collage

After the beach, we took a little hike in my canyon ...

kim canyon collage

I love my job. I really do. And especially now that it carries with it the perk of allowing me to meet my friend for a walk on the beach. :-) Kim, it was completely my pleasure to hang out with you this weekend! Let's do it again for your next book!

You can see more pictures on my Facebook Page ...

And, you can find Kim's first fiction book, Heavenly Places, at Amazon or your local bookstore. :-)

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Brittney said...

What a great thing to get to experience! Meeting dear friends IRL is a great joy!

I, too, have been blessed to have met some of my online friends from the WTM boards IRL.

The pictures look great...as usual! :o)

Leslie said...

Oh Susan these are so so lovely... her personality really shines... something about meeting fellow blogging friends..... amazing how the friendships tend to translate to so beautifully.....

the images are perfect.

Heasleye said...

Well, how cool is that?! She's beautiful and you captured her beautifully!!


Angie - The Arthur Clan said...

Oh Susan - she must be absolutely thrilled with these images. And Women of Faith? That's to cool for words!