January 21, 2010

It's not always sunshine and sweetness round here ...

Seen around home and Laguna Beach yesterday afternoon ...

rainy day drive

Ok, maybe not sunshine, but there's still sweetness ... ;-)

rainy day drive & candy

Big Dude made a $1.50 sweet stop for the Little Dudes.

And another texture-play, this time of our stormy sea:


Here's the original, followed by the "recipe":

+ Shana Rae's Florabella Textures:
Raw Sugar - soft light mode - 25% opacity
Goddess - soft light mode - 100% opacity
Grunge Edges overlay - soft light mode - 88%

Oh, and here's a sweet bit of information: THREE of Shana Rae's complete sets of actions and textures are being given away today at iHeartFaces!!!

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Laguna Beach Photographer


Tracy P. said...

Raw Sugar. Of course! :-) Gorgeous. I love how the second collage is framed by the angels of the corners.

tearese said...

I always love seeing textures on others' work. Whenever I try to do it, I may like the finished product, but I'll feel guilty for changing the real picture so much, that I eventually change it back.

Kelly Langner Sauer said...

It's raining here today - I'm so wanting to pull out the camera, but my computer's broken, and I can't process anything! These are wonderful, though. I am feeling somewhat satisfied after looking at yours. ;-)

Tracy P. said...

That would be angles. Maybe there are angels in the corners too, though.

Tracy P. said...

Yes, in fact now I see that there are, in at least one of the corners. But not the angled corners.

Holly said...

love the textured look, I might have to go take a look at them....

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I love the rain. Rain after days and days gets old but give me a good storm every little bit and I love it!

A Circle of Quiet said...

The ocean's changes during storms is amazing...we could see things starting to churn up before we left Huntington the other day. What crazy weather.

LOVE the candy shop pics...what a great daddy your boys have!!!

I miss your clean, beautiful house as I head into a "let's get this place cleaned up" weekend.

Hope you're well and warm,

Heidi said...

Golly, even your rain looks spectacular. It's not fair, I tell you!!!

Melinda said...

God certainly has a sense of humor sending tornadoes and such to California and earthquakes to Oklahoma : )

BTW - I was looking through today's Fix-It Fridays and noticed we cropped our photos almost exactly the same. Yours of course is way better, but never-the-less, I was pretty stoked to see I was thinking on the same wavelength as you : )

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your pictures. Even in the rain, they are divine : )

I am so excited you got those textures. They are all so pretty! I know you will have so much fun with them. In my mind you are the Queen of textures.

I love the kids smiles as they are coming out of the candy barn. Sweet! Literally!