December 7, 2009

Really? For me?!?

Last week I photographed Middle Dude's School's Golf Tournament fundraiser. Before I set out to snap pictures, the fundraiser organizer called over one of the golf club staff and said, "This is our photographer. Can you please set her up with a golf cart?" Can I just admit how giddy it made me to get a golf cart of my very own? I felt like I had "arrived" somehow in some way. Like a real adult. Like someone who was totally responsible enough to be trusted with someone else's golf cart (ha! little do they know I have NO sense of direction. I coulda ended up in Tijuana, not knowing how to get back, and they'd be out one golf cart. But they didn't know that ...) So off I zipped in my own little cart ... like a real grown-up ... a giddy adult ... without a care or responsibility in the world.

golf cart bonanza

Well, ok, one responsibility: chase down all these guys on the back nine. :-)

golf groups

If I go back next year -- and really, if they want me, all they have to do is dangle another golf cart before me -- I'm totally going to zip all over the front nine to flag everyone down. Rumor has it there's a lake out there... :-)

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Jennifer Bowen said...

You lucky girl! I'm so jealous of the golf cart + your awesome skills as a photographer. The flare shots are fabulous! I'm calling you "Miss Flare" from now on. =D

Leslie said...

I just love how giddy it made you. Your too fun.

Holly said...

what fun! I'd *so* love a g.c. for christmas...ohwait, I'm in Pennsylvania...hold it till next summer.

Great pix!

Drew said...

If they want you? I think after those great pictures, that's a given. I notice you even snuck some sun flare in there! :)

Tracy P. said...

Good thing they didn't think you were *so* important that they also needed to provide a driver. You wouldn't have had half as much fun!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wonderful pictures Susan! I think you should always have a golf cart wherever to go! After all, you are a superstar photographer : )