November 4, 2009

First Stop: Fossil Falls - Hwy 395

This place is a rock climber's paradise and a geologist's treasure. Something about valley volcanic activity and glacier meltwater combining to create these formations and potholes... whatever. The lava/rocks were awesomely interesting.


fossil falls collage




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Anonymous said...

Susan: I just love your blog. (Especially Scripture Sundays!)Your pictures are amazing, and if it wasn't for the little commute between Atlanta and your place, I would love for me and my boys to be able to shadow you and yours for just one, exciting, lava filled day! Destiny D.

Anonymous said...

I am really interested where you are? Hwy 395 goes the length of my county!... :)

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your family. Please send me a membership application at once.

PS I hope this wasn't a punishment for the boys too : ) you know, like the park?

Jennifer Bowen said...

That first shot is awesome, Susan! I never see anything here in TX as exciting as the places you've been to. The joys of traveling!