October 22, 2009

Waiting is just sooooo hard sometimes...

The tennis courts were all full when we arrived to use them. The boys were bummed. I suggested we burn some time at the adjoining park while waiting for an opening. My dudes whined. Oh yes, they did. They groaned. They said they hated that park...



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[Middle Dude demonstrating his "floating" technique...]


Don't they just look miserable at that despised park?!? ;-)

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Saj said...

You are a terrible mother, *forcing* them to have all that fun at the park! ;) That looks like a really fun park! How could they *not* have fun there?!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Susan, you can make a park look like a beautiful oasis! It definitely looks like your kids are not enjoying themselves. ;) I mean, just look at those sad, sad faces... no, not happy to be there at all. LOL

Holly said...

ACK! Anything but *that* park!

*tongue firmly in cheek*

Susan they are fabulous photos. LOVE them!

Julie Rivera Photography said...

If that is the BAD park, I would love to see the awesome one!

Tracy P. said...

How cruel of you, when any *good* mom would have driven them around to find an available court.

Poor, abused boys. ;-)

Life with Kaishon said...

Yes. They look totally and completely miserable there. How do you even sleep at night knowing you TORTURE them like that. What a shame... : )

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Is this the same awesome lens? Sooo cool!